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This is a GREAT animated movie by Pixar.  I remember hearing about how it increased archery sales for young children.  I started archery training with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim as part of my training at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy.

This animation is about a young Scottish girl named Merida who wants to live her life her own way, not under the constrictions of someone else's rules.  Merida wants to be independent.  But she can't because of her mother Queen Elinor. So she gets a witch's spell to "change" her mother, not thinking clearly what "change" meant.  This is the typical "Be careful of what you wish for" plot line.

Her journey opens up her realization of how much she really loves her mother and has not appreciated anything her mother has done for her.


When faced with the other bear, Mordu, Queen Elinor's motherly instincts kick in to fight him from killing Merida. When Mordu is finally killed, it is revealed that Mordu is the other person whom the witch tricked and turned into a bear... the 4th son who rebelled against the clans to try to claim his own power and death released him from his fate as a bear.

The realism of Pixar's animations is amazing.  Often, the scenes look like real images... the water, mountains... even the horse!

When Merida is doing her archery, it brings back all the awesome reasons why I like to do archery too!

Django Unchained

This is a GREAT movie!  I liked it so much that I went to see it 3 times!  There are so many lessons in this movie that reflect what I have learned in my martial art training with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.

The performances of Christoph Waltz as Dr. King and Jamie Foxx as Django were fantastic!  (I was totally voting for Christoph Waltz to win the Academy Award for supporting actor and HE DID!)

One lesson is about keeping your eye on the goal and not letting anything stand in your way.

Django, though he was in captivity as a slave, never stopped thinking about his goal of finding his wife and escaping together.

Though they were faced with completely impossible odds, Django never stopped thinking about saving his wife.
Another great lesson was about creativity.  Dr Fritz King was very creative as a bounty hunter.  The plan that he made with Django to save his wife was also very clever.  He risked his life to do the right thing in many different cases.

I loved how he didn’t even think twice before he took action.  Reminded me of Jack Bauer in 24.  Shoot first, then ask questions later!


A mistake that Django and his wife made that cost Dr. King his life was that they let their emotions surface.  If they had just played strangers to the end, they wouldn’t have been caught.  But they made eye contact with each other and it was obvious to Monsieur Candy’s sister.

That is the power of Energy.

With just eye contact, their energy connected and it was very visible to others.  It is a lesson that we have to always be award of the energy we are generating outwardly...even in something small as making eye contact.

Django learned Dr. King’s techniques just by watching what he did and listening to what he said.  So even after Dr. King had died, Django used the techniques that he had learned in order to save his wife.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film.  I liked it so much that I made the theme song one of my ringtones and alarms on my phone!

Jamie Foxx did an excellent job…I wish he had won the Academy Award for best actor!

The Impossible

“The Impossible” is a true story about what happened to a family who was caught in the tsunami that hit Thailand in December 2004.

At the time, I was training with Great Grandmaster
Tae Yun Kim in Oregon. We were in the peaceful mountains in Oregon.  We heard about the tsunami after we returned home.

This movie was an amazing depiction of what happened in Thailand.

As Dr. Tae Yun Kim says, no one ever wakes up in the morning and says “I think I’ll get into an accident today” or “today will be my last day on earth when a tsunami wave hits me”.

The power of a tsunami wave is incredible.  It is amazing that anyone could have survived. It is a Miracle that this family of 5 all survived and found each other.

The young boys had to dig inside to find an inner strength that most people don’t even know they have.

The oldest son had to really dig into his inner strength to help his mother who had been injured badly when the
wave hit.  He had to grow up fast.

The 2 younger boys were with the father, but when the father went looking for his wife and oldest son, the 2 younger boys were mistakenly taken with a bunch of orphans.

When they found their older brother, it was only through chance that they heard and recognized his voice from a distance.

When they were all finally reunited, they had forgotten about all the arguments and disagreements. The only thing that was important to them was that they had found each other and that they were all alive.

Through my martial art training, I have learned that it is often tragic situations that cause us to find our inner strengths and to discover gratitude in our lives.

It is a lesson for all of us that we have gratitude in our lives every day, every moment because we never know what will happen in the next moment.

The Silver Linings Playbook...

I remember hearing Dr. Tae Yun Kim recommending all the Oscar nominated movies for Best Picture...

This movie, The Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert deNiro, is on the nomination list for Best Picture.

The name doesn't do much for me...
And when I read the movie description, it didn't really grab me... I wasn't sure what to expect.

As it turned out, this movie blew away all my expectations and my concerns. It was funny, touching, and really tapped into what happens in family relationships these days.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both did a great job acting.  They were funny and very real.

This was a story of a man lost in the reality in his mind and the support team around him who help him to get out of his mind to realize the reality that was right in front of him.

At one point, Bradley Cooper's character says something that is very socially incorrect and then he apologizes because he doesn't have a filter on his mouth!  I busted up laughing because it reminded me of myself and a few people I know!!! :)

Without the team of people surrounding him and providing support and encouragement, he never would have made it.  How many people in this world are alone... alone in body, mind and spirit.  It is sad to think about it.

I was one of the alone people in the world before I met the wonderful people who surround my life today.  I train at a wonderful martial art school called Jung SuWon.