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The Silver Linings Playbook...

I remember hearing Dr. Tae Yun Kim recommending all the Oscar nominated movies for Best Picture...

This movie, The Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert deNiro, is on the nomination list for Best Picture.

The name doesn't do much for me...
And when I read the movie description, it didn't really grab me... I wasn't sure what to expect.

As it turned out, this movie blew away all my expectations and my concerns. It was funny, touching, and really tapped into what happens in family relationships these days.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both did a great job acting.  They were funny and very real.

This was a story of a man lost in the reality in his mind and the support team around him who help him to get out of his mind to realize the reality that was right in front of him.

At one point, Bradley Cooper's character says something that is very socially incorrect and then he apologizes because he doesn't have a filter on his mouth!  I busted up laughing because it reminded me of myself and a few people I know!!! :)

Without the team of people surrounding him and providing support and encouragement, he never would have made it.  How many people in this world are alone... alone in body, mind and spirit.  It is sad to think about it.

I was one of the alone people in the world before I met the wonderful people who surround my life today.  I train at a wonderful martial art school called Jung SuWon.